After 9/11 incident, it is clear that the personal identification documents such as passport, national ID card, driver license were not satisfactorily kept safe technologically against imitation. The 9/11 investigation committee recommended that the government must get better its automated ID authentication system for creating personal identity documents, insisting the central government to create automated ID authentication standards for identity document’s issuance.

Regarding this, Au10tix is cooperating with central government in offering technological assistance in create new generating personal automated ID authentication documents.

For foreign tour, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has issued automated ID authentication standards for travel documents. Now, e-passport includes biometric details about the individual on an electronic chip. Public key communication is incorporated to verify the passport chip data. The US and many European countries have chosen and followed these latest automated ID authentication standards while creating new e-passports currently.

The passport is only essential for overseas travel, and is not normally used as identity in ID authentication activities within the country. The driver’s license is the main identification document.

The previous driver license’s design was normally been insecure and it was very simple to copy and use in illegal activity. The easy accessibility of fake identity documents generated a big problem with identity theft.

To prevent any irregularity due to these poor identity documents, many states have implemented new automated ID authentication standard in driver license and national ID card. The most improved ID authentication security features are:

  • Magnetic stripe: It has been the major method to store data on credit, debit and national ID cards. The magnetic strips are not as secure as they should be, but are generally kept on to use with a lot of already installed equipments.
  • 2-Dimentional barcode: This barcode data is stored in a RFID chip. Quite a few states have adopted 2-D barcode system in all new driver licenses. The RFID chip can keep more information, and it can be kept safe from encoding or digital signature.
  • Ultra violet zone: It contains hidden characters that can be seen only when they are exposed to UV light. It is not easy to create a fake copy of them.
  • Micro-print: It also prevents imitation. The microprints are only recognizable with a magnifier and high quality imaging device and create more complex to create its copy.
  • Color and alignment of photograph: On many automated ID authentication documents, color pattern and alignment are used to recognize real documents.

The new automated ID authentication standards have improved the identity verification a lot. These new technological solutions provide a secure way for ID authentication, warning the users about any potential risk aspect, forgery, and over-dated ID card. In this journey, Au10tix has offered a big hand.