To learn about the online trading platforms and their pros and cons, you have to talk to someone who has signed up with them and spent time researching them. That’s where I come in. I have to tell you that I have been trading with different online trading platforms for many years. In these years, I have realized that certain platforms are meant for all the traders while others are designed for only a specific group of people. For example, some online brokers are only good for experienced traders, and if you are a new trader, you don’t want to sign up with them because your trading experience will not be great.

The one trading platform that I think is meant for every type of trader is Genesis11. I think this trading platform has all the great features to become number one in the future. Today, I will only talk about the features that make me believe that it is a platform for new, experienced, expert, and professional traders.

The Trading Accounts

Some recent trading platforms have started a completely new trend. The only way they have found out of attracting new traders and investors is by luring them through affordability. They tell them that their trading accounts can be started with small amounts and that only a small amount of some dollars will give traders access to all the great trading features. In other words, they just require that amount from every type of trader. On the other hand, when you sign up with Genesis11, you will realize that you have many different accounts to choose from.

The accounts that are meant for new traders require only a small amount of $500 from you to start them. If you think you are a professional trader, you should go with the premium account, which requires you to spend only $20,000 to start it. So, there is something for everyone no matter what trading experience they have.

Assets for Many Markets

If you talk to the experts from the trading world, they will always talk about how you have to minimize your risks when you trade. The best way for investors to minimize their trading risks is by diversifying your investments. You don’t want to put all your money in the same account because that will cause you to lose it all when something wrong happens to that asset. You want to invest your money in many assets at the same time and that’s where the asset index from Genesis11 is very impressive. Do you want to trade gold, copper, platinum or some other precious metal? Well, you can trade them all with Genesis11.

Are you interested in trading forex currency pairs? You will get them with Genesis11. Do you think you belong to the cryptocurrency market? You will have them in your access too when you sign up with Genesis11.

Algorithmically Facilitated Trading

I have seen very few online brokers that have this feature on their trading platforms. It is quite shocking because with the current advancement in technology, all new brokers should be providing their traders with this particular feature. Anyway, with this online trading platform, you have access to algo-trading, which is a very advanced form of trading. It allows you to monitor the markets through bots, so you don’t have to manually monitor everything. Also, when you have bot trading by your side, you can expect the accuracy of your trades to be quite high as well.

This particular feature is suited for every trader. Whether you are trading for the first time or you have spent a lot of years trading, you can benefit from algo-trading and make the most of it with Genesis11.

Final Thoughts

So, you can see that all the features that belong to this particular broker are meant for every type of trader. Any trader from any part of the world and however long or short trading experience can benefit from these features and build the foundation of a strong trading career.