If you are looking to purchase a new car and want one with great mileage, impressive looks, and a solid build, then your search ends with the Maruti Suzuki NEXA Baleno, as it meets all the three aspects perfectly. The car drives perfectly, be it in city road or on the highway. The Baleno offers a big bang for the buck with features like climate control, auto headlamps, and follow me lamps, making it a high value product. With Maruti Suzuki’s excellent sales and service network, you can be rest assured that you will never be troubled with its upkeep. If you haven’t yet decided on a car to buy, here are 6 reasons why you should be purchasing a Maruti Suzuki NEXA Baleno Fiat 500 for Sale.

  1. Baleno comes with twin airbags and ABS as a standard across all variants

In case of most cars, when you buy a base variant, you have to compromise with the safety features. Most base variants and sometimes even the top-end variants don’t get safety features like airbags and ABS. With the government yet to make ABS and airbags mandatory in all cars, the only hope a car buyer can have is that the manufacturers take it upon themselves to offer these safety features. And this is exactly what NEXA did with the Baleno. The car comes with twin air bags and ABS across all its variants. Used Volvo XC70 in Sutton Coldfield This alone makes the Maruti Suzuki NEXA Baleno a car worth buying.

  1. Baleno has the best cabin in its class

For the interiors of the Baleno, Maruti Suzuki has gone with an all-black color scheme with silver accents. This gives a premium feel to the cabin. The top-end version of the car comes with a multi-function readout on a TFT screen, with features like a clock, real-time fuel economy, and power/torque readouts. There is also a 7-inch Smart Play infotainment system with Apple CarPlay – making Baleno the first car to get this feature in India. And just in case you are wondering, yes, Maruti Suzuki NEXA Baleno also has an instrument panel with an odometer and speedometer, stylishly designed integrated into the panel.

As mentioned before, the Baleno is the first car in India to come with Apple CarPlay. CarPlay lets you connect your iPhone and has voice activation for several features, like maps, calls, etc., via Siri. You will also get built-in navigation in the Maruti Suzuki NEXA Baleno, with the system being well set-up and easy to use. When it comes to space and utility, amount of head, leg, and elbow space is generous, with both the front and rear passengers getting a comfortable ride. The cabin has a lot of cubby holes to store bottles and other assorted items. The boot has a generous space of 355 liters.

  1. Baleno is based on a new platform that focuses on safety

Yes, it is the word “safety” again. The Maruti Suzuki NEXA Baleno is built on an all-new platform, which was unveiled at the Frankfurt auto show. It is claimed that the new platform has been designed to incorporate less weight and to strengthen the ‘fundamental vehicle performance’. The body-in-white on Baleno sees the use of almost 40 per cent high tensile steel. This provides additional rigidity and strength. This allows the crumple zones to absorb energy on impact and the body frame to disperse the impact energy away from the cabin. It is also claimed that the Maruti Suzuki NEXA Baleno is lighter by 100 kg and around 10 per cent stronger than its competitors.

  1. NEXA Baleno’s engine is tried and tested

The engine used in the Baleno has been used in other Maruti Suzuki cars as well. These are the 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre diesel units. The petrol engine is one of best available in the Indian market, with plenty of refinement and a rev-happy nature. The engines stats read:

  • Max power (kW@rpm) – 62/6000
  • Max torque (Nm@rpm) – 115 / 4000

Baleno comes with both manual and automatic transmissions. The automatic transmission makes the car easy to drive in city traffic. The 1.3-litre diesel engine offers the same refinement as the petrol engine. In fact, connoisseurs will find the diesel version of the Baleno more enjoyable to drive, with the extra torque making a huge difference.

  1. NEXA Baleno has excellent ground clearance

Vehicle ground clearance is the distance between the road and the car’s bottom surface. In India, cars with higher ground clearance are preferred. The ground clearance offered by Maruti Suzuki NEXA Baleno is amongst the best in its segment, making it the best car for Indian roads.

There are several things that make Baleno the best car in its category. The hatchback has the following dimensions: 1745mm width, 1470mm height, and 3995mm length, and that’s not all, Baleno also offers a large wheelbase of 2520mm. The dimensions are perfect for a compact car. Not only does the Maruti Suzuki NEXA Baleno matches or is superior in comparison of its features to other cars in the segment, it also performs better on the road. You can get a nice mileage-average from the car; all you need to do is not drive rough and maintain a fixed speed wherever possible. This will also ensure that your car’s engine stays healthy.